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Responsible business

The Atlas&Co. team sees business and responsibility as two inseparable parts of one whole.

It is our deep conviction that each type of business can carry a strong transformative power as long as its team is committed to exploring, nurturing and growing it over time. We know that responsible businesses grow faster that the irresponsible ones, so we treat our social work and the projects we develop with as much care and attention as we treat the core business departments such as sales, marketing or accounting.


Ecobulpack – Our partnership with Ecobulpack gives us the opportunity to contribute to the effective exploitation of the established systems for waste recovery and recycling of litter generated by the industry, commercial sites and Bulgarian households. By collecting, sorting and recycling, EcoBulpack is committed to reducing disposable waste while raising awareness with the general public through a wide variety of communication strategies promoting the process of waste separation, disposal, recycling and environmental protection.


The Social Teahouse – The issue of inadequate upbringing and insufficient care for children in special institutions leads to lasting consequences for both, the children themselves, as well as to society at large. We chose to contribute to this cause, because we believe that concentrated effort has the capacity to protect these children from the wrong choices they are predestined to make and as such can help them find the meaningful existence each of them deserves.