SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 2019-10-08T13:18:25+00:00

Responsible business

The Atlas&Co. team sees business and responsibility as two inseparable parts of one whole.

It is our deep conviction that each type of business can carry a strong transformative power as long as its team is committed to exploring, nurturing and growing it over time. We know that responsible businesses grow faster that the irresponsible ones, so we treat our social work and the projects we develop with as much care and attention as we treat the core business departments such as sales, marketing or accounting.


As a company that builds its business on the importance of food, we believe that we share a duty and responsibility towards the underprivileged communities with no regular access to food and shelter. By donating a portion of the products we distribute and also supporting with sorting and preparation initiatives for people in need, Atlas&Co. is able to combine its business strategies with its vision for conscious development and growth.

Goods donated Oct 2019: 17122 units / Value EUR 17 500